The Importance Of Concrete Waterproofing

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Waterproofing concrete is essential on concrete surface especially in areas that are going to be exposed water/moisture to prevent water intrusion and structural damage.

New sites that falls below water level

Most of the higher ground below water levels have been occupied and new development sites are below water levels and this calls for serious waterproofing application on the foundational level to prevent structural damage, rising damp, capillary action or hydrostatic water pressure damages to the concrete/masonry which could lead to serious disaster or building collapse over the period of time. Environments in Lagos, Nigeria like Lekki, Victoria Isalnd, Ajah falls below water table and due to that, its a necessity so waterproof from the foundation level to seal concrete porosity to water and moistures or other deleterious chemicals.

Importance of below grade waterproofing

Waterproofing is required at below-grade concrete surfaces for several reasons. The primary reason is to keep moisture from intruding into the facility. However, it is also required to protect the structural contents from water infiltration that can cause structural damage to the concrete or corrosion to the imbedded steel. Concrete is by design a porous material, and water can pass through it by hydrostatic pressure, water vapor gradient or capillary action. Water can also enter at cracks, structural defects or at improperly designed or installed joints. Waterproofing is also required to eliminate deterioration to the concrete that can occur from exterior and interior chemicals that are present at the building site.

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